Legacy of the Lions

Legacy of the Lions explores leadership lessons learned in one of the most challenging environments in the sporting world: touring with the British & Irish Lions.

Drawing on the author’s own experiences – and those of other tourists and managers – Gavin Hastings examines what lessons can be transferred from this elite, pressurised environment to other aspects of business and life.

Rugby is a game that rewards creative expression, hard work, teamwork and a never-say-die attitude. It can be joyful, vibrant and beautiful to watch and play. Equally, it can brutally expose human flaws and frailties. Every team, no matter how talented – individually or collectively – will find themselves in dark and difficult situations both on and off the field. The successful ones are those that find a way through these challenging moments. And at their heart – always – is a great leader and a great leadership group. This alone can almost sum up the Lions’ experience since 1888.


Based on interviews with an array of past and present greats of the game – including Sam Warburton, Warren Gatland, Brian O’Driscoll, Martin Johnson, Finlay Calder, Sir Ian McGeechan and Paul O'Connell, plus many others – Legacy of the Lions discovers what leadership lessons have been learned in one of the most pressurised environments in world sport – and how they can be made to work for you. 

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