Published 3 October 2019


The Bond films have entertained annoyed, excited, bored, aroused and invigorated cinemagoers (and ITV4 viewers) for more than fifty years. 

Who hasn’t wanted to kick a big bloke with metal teeth in the groin? Fly a small plane out of a pretend horse’s bottom? Or push a middle-aged man into space? No one, that’s who.

Thunderbook: The World of Bond According to Smersh Pod affectionately examines Bond with tongue firmly in cheek and elbow dug in ribs. Join John Rain as he goes film-by-film through the Bond saga as he points out all the good, the bad, and the double-taking pigeons contained within Bond’s half-century of world domination.  

Thunderbooktakes a sideways glance at the franchise – pointing out what is funny (Q’s fingers look like uncooked sausages, for goodness sake), pokes at the flaws (but with undying affection) and celebrates Bond for what he truly is: a bit rubbish as a spy.

With one chapter for each of the twenty-four films to date, Thunderbook examines allthe moments that are funny, silly, rubbish, nonsensical, bizarre and interesting, with the ultimate intention of celebrating Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and becoming the go-to companion book for the Bond fan at large.


About the Author:

John Rain is a Bond fanatic, and the host of the cult podcast Smersh Pod. He lives in Sussex in an abandoned volcano. 

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