Published 007 November 2019


The Bond films have entertained annoyed, excited, bored, aroused and invigorated cinemagoers (and ITV4 viewers) for more than fifty years. 


Who hasn’t wanted to kick a big bloke with metal teeth in the groin? Fly a small plane out of a pretend horse’s bottom? Or push a middle-aged man into space? No one, that’s who.


With one chapter for each of the twenty-four films to date, Thunderbook: The World of Bond According to Smersh Pod is the affectionate, yet coruscating, guide to the James Bond franchise that you never knew you needed – a perfect celebration of all the spine-tingling highs, jaw-dropping lows and hilarious flaws in the world of the greatest (and sometimes worst) spy in movie history.


About the Author:

John Rain is a Bond fanatic, and the host of the cult podcast Smersh Pod. He lives in Sussex in an abandoned volcano. 

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