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the evolution of the printed word


You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’

But I dream things that never were; and I say,

‘Why not?’

George Bernard Shaw


Polaris is a publishing and digital media company that embraces the ways that books can be read, enjoyed, shared and remembered in the digital age. We seek to provide a truly immersive experience for our readers not only in our print and eBooks but by also weaving together text, images, audio, video and interactive content within smartphone and tablet applications.


While the technological aspects of our products introduce new and exciting ways for books to be explored and experienced, the core value at the heart of each title remains absolutely focussed on the quality – and depth – of its written content. Polaris is a digital publisher with a deep love and affinity with traditional print books; as such we believe that by blurring the boundaries between the two mediums, both can flourish together. We seek to combine the very best of traditional book publishing with the creative freedom that the digital world now affords. This is evolution, not revolution. 




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