Maggie Alphonsi

‘a moving and important book’ – Donald McRae, The Guardian

‘Alphonsi single-handedly redefined the women’s game, dispelling doubts about its physicality one tackle at a time’ – Daniel Schofield, The Times

‘an inspirational figurehead in the battle to challenge archaic attitudes around women and sport’ – Anna Kessel, The Guardian

‘Maggie has given new impetus to the growth of the game, impressed so many doubters, changed the perception of others, and changed the way it is played for ever’ – Stephen Jones, The Sunday Times

‘widely regarded as the highest-profile name in international women’s rugby union’ – Gavin Mairs, The Telegraph


Maggie Alphonsi is not only a national sporting icon, the face of international women’s rugby and star player of the England side that won the World Cup in 2014. She is also an inspirational and totemic figure who transcends sport.

The compelling story of her life makes her achievements even more extraordinary. Hers is an against-all-the-odds tale, becoming the best player in the world despite having to battle against racism, sexism, and prejudice. It is a book forged from the raw emotion, passion, and testimony of an iconic player, who rose to the elite of world sport when the world was seemingly stacked against her. It is a moving and revealing story of a woman who was not prepared to be defined by anyone but herself and gives the reader a unique insight into how she met her goals.


Published 31 August 2023



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