Rugby Has F***ing Laws, Not Rules

‘This is great fun . . . you’ll learn about rugby’s laws with a big smile on your face. Made me chuckle lots’ – Rob Robertson, Daily Mail

‘The book I wish I’d written’ – Alex Payne, The Good, the Bad and the Rugby

‘a magnificent thing’ – Robbie Owen, Squidge Rugby

‘a light-hearted, jeering tour through the nuanced rules – sorry laws – of rugby union . . . as fun for the lifelong rugby fan as it is a genuinely helpful resource for someone new to the sport and its many law interpretations’ – Jessica Hayden, The Times

‘A very entertaining look at the laws, made me laugh out loud’ – James Hook 

‘Paul’s brilliantly hilarious book about the absurdity and complication of rugby is a fantastic stocking-filler. Can’t recommend it enough’ – Ben Shepherd


The laws of rugby are as extensive as they are confusing, their nuances and interpretations argued over relentlessly by rugby fans around the world and virtually impenetrable to those who are new to the game.


In an effort to provide some muchneeded clarity, Paul Williams takes an irreverent, hilarious, p*ss-taking tour through the labyrinth that is rugby’s rule book – or, for the pedantic, rugby’s law book.


Hilarious, off-beat and (surprisingly) insightful, this is the perfect gift for rugby fans all around the world.


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