Roger Federer

‘excellent’ – Simon Briggs, The Telegraph

‘among the world’s leading authorities on Federer’ – Mike Dickson, The Mail on Sunday

‘René Stauffer's comprehensive biography of Roger Federer is full of interesting insights into one of the greatest sportsmen of modern times’ – Martin Chilton, The Independent 

'provides a deeper perspective about the man a vast majority will always believe is the GOAT' – Craig Gabriel, We Are Tennis

'A comprehensive biography that covers Federer’s career in great detail . . . Even those who think they know absolutely everything about Federer will get something from it' – Perfect Tennis

'full of fascinating stories about the development of the champion' – Brent Shearer, Long Listed Tennis Magazine

‘A comprehensive account of the life of the greatest – and most elegant – tennis player of his generation. From his earliest days to his recent record-breaking triumphs, Federer’s rise to the top of the world game has been watched by his compatriot René Stauffer every step of the way. Now we can relive his journey from Basel ball boy to Grand Slam legend, told in vivid detail, by one of the tennis writers who knows him best’ – Victoria Gaiger, Rakesprogress Magazine



Roger Federer is an icon. One of the greatest tennis players of all time, he is also one of the most highly regarded and best-loved figures in the sporting world.  

Veteran tennis writer René Stauffer has been closely covering Federer’s career for nearly twenty-five years. In this comprehensive biography, Stauffer talks at length to the man himself as well as family, friends, coaches and rivals to paint an unrivalled picture of this extraordinary athlete, family man, philanthropist, businessman and sporting ambassador. 

From Federer’s early life in Basel, Switzerland, where he first picked up a tennis racquet, to the heights of his twentieth Grand Slam victory and all points in between, Stauffer explores the secrets of Federer’s success, the hardships and doubts that he has faced and examines Federer’s legacy in the modern game. Insightful, touching and revealing, this is the most definitive biography on Roger Federer ever written. 




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