Behind the Ryder Cup

Behind the Ryder Cup

‘wonderfully researched and evocative’ – The Telegraph


‘captures the raw excitement of golf's ultimate showdown and offers a fascinating insight into the hearts and minds of the game's greatest players down the ages’ – Golf Today


Behind the Ryder Cup is a comprehensive and fascinating account of golf’s most iconic team event. Told from the perspectives of those who have actually played in the matches – some of golf’s most famous names amongst them – it is a history of the biennial contest unlike any you’ve ever read before. Thoroughly researched and full of honest and articulate first-hand, ‘inside the ropes’ experiences, it is an essential purchase for anybody with an interest in golf. Peter Burns has already demonstrated his talent for taking fans across the threshold and straight to the heart of the action through other publications but this is potentially his finest work one to date. Discover what it truly means to compete in golf’s most heart-pounding, nerve-shredding and fiercely-contested event. Much like the match itself, Behind the Ryder Cup is as unique as it is unmissable.’  – Bunkered Magazine


Enter the locker room: this is a history of the Ryder Cup like you have never experienced it before.

From the origin matches that preceded the first official trans-Atlantic encounter between Britain and America at Worcester Country Club in 1927, all the way through to the fortieth installment at Gleneagles in 2014, this is the complete history of the Ryder Cup – told by the men who have been there and done it.

With exhaustive research and exclusive new material garnered from interviews with players and captains from across the decades, Behind the Ryder Cup unveils the compelling truth of what it means to play in golf’s biggest match-play event, where greats of the game have crumbled under pressure while others have carved their names into sporting legend. 

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