Screams & Nightmares

'dripping with fascinating details . . . this is a treat' – The Washington Post 

Screams & Nightmares is an exhaustive appreciation of a writer-director who gave us not one but two icons of horror . . . Brian J Robb writes engagingly and with detail . . . As Craven once said: “I’m a person who understands how people are afraid.” And Robb understands how he transferred that fear to the screen’ – Ed Potton, The Times

‘definitive . . .  info-packed and exceptionally well written . . . there is no writer better qualified to chronicle the life and work of a remarkable talent’ – Barry Forshaw, The Dark Side

‘a remarkably addictive and easy-to-read guide to Craven’s work, piling in juicy snippets and lesser-known background . . . a comprehensive picture of Craven and his output’ – Nick Joy, Si-Fi Bulletin


In a remarkable career that spanned more than forty years, writer, producer, and director Wes Craven successfully tapped into the horror vein to create scary, funny, cutting-edge thrillers that have become classics in the genre. His films have been both critical and commercial successes, most notably Nightmare on Elm Street, which spawned a series of sequels and made Craven (and his creation, Freddy Krueger) an international sensation. He then created a second indelible series in the horror movie trope with Scream.

In Screams & Nightmares, Brian J. Robb examines Craven’s entire career, from his low-budget beginnings to his most recent box office hits, from the banned thriller The Last House on the Left and the cult classic The Hills Have Eyes to the outrageous Shocker and The People Under the Stairs. Through exclusive interviews with Craven, Robb provides in-depth accounts of the making of each of the films – including the final instalments of theScream series – Craven's foray into writing novels, and his numerous television projects, charting the rich tapestry of his life and career until his death in 2015.



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