Tom Harland

Tom Harland is a father to two young girls, a Social Worker, and a lifelong fly fisherman.  Tom has fished throughout his local Scottish Borders, England, the Western Isles and New Zealand (a country he lived and worked in for two years), but his real passion is for the hill lochs of Assynt in the North-west Highlands. 

Having less opportunity to fish as frequently as he did in his years before becoming a father, Tom discovered that writing about fishing deepens the enjoyment of those days he does spend by rivers and lochs.  This discovery led to his first book, The Silver Invicta: Journeys with a Fly Fisher, within which he shares some of the magic to be found through fishing in wild places.  

Tom lives within an easy walk of the ‘Queen of Scottish Salmon Rivers’, the graceful Tweed, with his wife and two daughters.  

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