Wicket Keeping

James Knott & Andrew O’Connor


‘This book will take you through step by step everything you require to be a top wicket keeper and coach in the amazing world of wicket keeping’ – Kevin Innes, Academy Director, Northants CCC


‘An excellent guide for wicket-keepers and coaches alike – full of key details across all aspects of a keeper’s role and very easy to read’ – Richard Hudson, Managing Director, Buckinghamshire Cricket Board


‘A proper insight into the life of the modern-day wicketkeeper. The mix of experienced review and coaching drills offers the reader a real opportunity to realise his/her potential in a number of ways’ – Jonny Cater, Oxfordshire CCC Captain


‘excellent . . . covers every aspect of wicket keeping clearly and accurately’ – Callum Morin, wicketkeeper at Hadleigh Cricket Club


‘A fantastically detailed & clear look into the art of wicketkeeping’ – Phil Arnold, Stowe 1st XI Cricket Coach


Whether a player or a coach, this is the ultimate guide to developing the skills required to make it as a top-level wicket keeper. 

In the most comprehensive book on wicket keeping on the market, James Knott and Andrew O’Connor provide detailed and easy-to-understand insights into all aspects of wicket keeping, whether you are a player or coach, and no matter your level. 

With contributions from some of the game's great players and coaches, including Alan Knott, Jack Russell, Peter Moores and David Ripley, this invaluable guide includes over 65 training drills, a unique 'training on your own' section, and provides clear guidance for coaches who aren’t wicket keepers themselves.

Clear, insightful and easy to follow, this is an essential guide for improving your game or your coaching methods.  


Published March 2021


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