Cricket 2.0

The 2020 Wisden Book of the Year


The Telegraph Sports Book Awards' Cricket Book of Year 2020


‘A fascinating book, essential for anyone who wishes to understand cricket’s new age . . . They have spoken to dozens and dozens of the world’s leading cricketers and, more than any other book, got under the skin of how T20 is played, and why . . . The ultimate takeaway – you realise by the end of this intelligent, absorbing, detailed survey of where and how we have reached this moment in the history of the game – is that soon, perhaps sooner than we think, T20 and Test cricket, already diverging, will be seen as cousins rather than siblings. Cricket 2.0 will not be with us for long; 3.0 is already in development. While we wait, Cricket 2.0 is the Wisden Book of the Year’ – Alex Massie, Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack 


‘A fascinating insight into how the newest format has impacted on the game at every level including Test cricket. Essential reading for T20 fans and traditional followers’ – Scyld Berry, The Telegraph 


‘An invaluable guide by two smart young writers to the story of T20 cricket, to the strategies that underpin it and to the players who have made the format’ – Mike Atherton, The Times


'Cricket 2.0 is the definitive book for those looking to understand the T20 format – both on and off the pitch' – Nasser Hussain


‘excellent . . . both breezily engaging, and full of the format’s latest, best and nerdiest thinking’ – Gideon Haigh, The Australian


‘the first essential study of the T20 game, studded with analysis and big-name interviewees’ – Wisden 


‘A lucid and thoughtful guide to the T20 phenomenon’ – The New Statesman


‘The most original cricket book of the year . . . their expertise and the depth of their research are evident on almost every page’ – Paul Edwards, ESPNcricinfo


‘Tim and Freddie are the torchbearers of tomorrow, we must listen to them’ – Harsha Bhogle, CricBuzz


‘T20 is here to stay and we should celebrate and cherish all the skills involved . . . it is only going to get bigger’ – Michael Vaughan, The Telegraph


‘The century’s most original cricket book… An absorbing ride… some of their revelations come with the startling force of unexpected thunder on a still night – Suresh Menon, editor Wisden India Almanack

Forewords by Harsha Bhogle and Michael Vaughan


Cricket 2.0 is the multi award-winning story of how an old, traditional game was revolutionised by a new format: Twenty20 cricket.


The winner of the Wisden Almanack Book of the Year award, the Telegraph Sports Book Awards' Cricket Book of the Year and selected as one of The Cricketer’s greatest cricket books of all time, Cricket 2.0 is an essential read both for Test and T20 cricket lovers alike, and all those interested in modern sport. 


Using exclusive interviews with over 80 leading players and coaches – including Jos Buttler, Ricky Ponting, Kieron Pollard, Eoin Morgan, Brendon McCullum and Rashid Khan - Tim Wigmore and Freddie Wilde chronicle this revolution with insight, forensic analysis and story-telling verve. In the process, they reveal how cricket has been transformed, both on and off the field. 


Told with vivid clarity and insight, this is the extraordinary and previously misunderstood story of Twenty20, how it is reshaping the sport – and what the future of cricket will look like. 


Readers will never watch a T20 game in quite the same way again. “For people that love cricket it’s really important to read it,” said Miles Jupp. “I found it extraordinary.” 


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